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You May Need High-Tech Devices to Find Destructive Plumbing Leaks

Hidden plumbing leaks can destroy your property. The moisture not only fosters mold growth but can also wreck drywall and rot wood. Rodents and roaches also love water leaks. This is why leak detection in NY is essential. Infrared devices can also be used to detect leaks by sensing temperature differences. This technique is good for finding leaks inside interior walls. Once the leak is found it can be fixed.

Outdoor plumbing leaks can be even harder to pinpoint. The same is true of flat roof leaks. However, high-tech leak detection in NY can find these leaks easily. A leak detection service can use cutting-edge acoustical ground microphones and noise correlators to find water main leaks. Once found, the leaks can be fixed, putting an end to the damage.

Membrane leaks on a flat roof can be very hard to locate. High-voltage and low-voltage ELD methods are often used by professionals to find leaks on flat roofs. This method is perfectly safe but does require special equipment and a trained technician.

Any type of plumbing leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes, leaks are easy to find and fix. But sometimes, leaks are nearly impossible to find. That’s when you need a professional high-tech leak detection service.

Don’t assume a plumbing leak will simply go away because it won’t. It needs to be found and fixed as soon as possible.

Atlantic Testing Services employs all of these high-tech leak detection methods in New York and New Jersey.

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