You Could Benefit from Transmission Shift Kits Feb19


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You Could Benefit from Transmission Shift Kits

You want to make sure that your transmission is shifting nicely and smoothly. Of course, you also want to make sure that your transmission is very durable and that it delivers excellent fuel economy. If there are problems with the transmission, you will find problems with all of those areas. One of the ways that many people improve the performance and durability of their transmission is to utilize a transmission shift kit. The use of one of these shift kits can modify the transmission’s shift timing.

Why Is This Needed?
While it might not be needed with all vehicles, you will find that sometimes, an automobile has too much shift overlap, and the kit can help. When there is too much overlap, it means that the transmission is actually in two gears at the same time. This is certainly not something that you want to have happened, but manufacturers often do this to make it feel as if the shifting is smoother. However, it tends to make things too smooth, which makes the transmission feel disconnected. The driver doesn’t feel as connected to the vehicle.

One of the other issues that crop up when there is overlap is the fact that it will reduce the durability of the transmission. This is because the friction surfaces need to work harder. The increase in friction will naturally cause an increase in heat, and when there is too much heat, it means that the parts will start to wear out prematurely. Using a transmission shift kit will prevent this, and it will help the transmission to last longer.

The goal of the transmission shift kits is to make the transmission shift better, and it can do this by eliminating many of the restrictive oil flow problems that might be in the transmission’s valve body. The shifts will still be smooth, but they will be firmer, which will reduce slippage and the aforementioned shift overlap. Ultimately, they will help the shifting to simply feel better for the driver.

There are many benefits when it comes to using these kits, as you can see. In addition, you can even find that you have improved the fuel economy after installing one of these kits. Fortunately, if you are looking for quality transmission shift kits that can work with your vehicle, get in touch with Raybestos Powertrain.

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