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You Can Perform Basic Leak Detection in Lakeland FL

If you have been having higher monthly water bills than usual, it may be time to get professional Leak Detection Lakeland FL services. Hearing running water when you don’t have the faucet turned on is another sign that you may have a water leak in your plumbing. Because most water lines leading to residences are metered to keep track of the amount of water a household uses, having a leak will make the usage increase. There are some steps you can take to try to find the water leakage in your home before you resort to calling a plumber

To start your water Leak Detection Lakeland FL, check the pressure relieve valve on the hot water tank to see if the valve is leaking. You can do this by listening for a hissing sound. You can also try to remove the drain pipe to check for leakage because these valves are sometimes directly connected to the drain pipes.

Remove the top to each toilet in the house to listen for a hissing sound. Try to locate the area the leak is in so you can attempt to fix it. If you don’t hear or see anything abnormal, add a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. After several minutes, check the bowl to see if the coloring has gotten into it. If so, the flapper at the bottom of the tank possibly has a hole in it that is allowing water to seep into the bowl from the tank.

You can also inspect the the water line running from the meter to the house. Turn off the water by accessing the shut-off valve by the house. After this you will need to check the meter to see if it indicates water usage. The leak will be in the house if the outside valve is turned off and the meter has stopped moving.

There can be more than one leak in a house. The above-mentioned steps are just a few steps you can take to try to locate the leak or leaks. Doing this can actually save money because part of a plumber’s job is to locate a leak before he fixes it. If you can fix the leak yourself, do it after you find out where it’s coming from. However, if you can’t, call a qualified plumber to fix it so you can have your plumbing working good once gain.

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