You Can Ensure Your Site Meets OSHA & Local Safety Codes Aug16


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You Can Ensure Your Site Meets OSHA & Local Safety Codes

Maintaining and servicing rooftop equipment requires fall protection for workers and inspectors. Servicing units without proper protection such as crossover stairways, guardrails, or ladder safety docks to secure extension ladders, can result in the violation of OSHA and other safety codes. This may also result in injury and, in some cases, even death.

Engineered Safety Products Meet OSHA Standards

Are you providing a safe workplace? Employers and business owners want their workplace conditions to conform to all OSHA and local regulations, as the safety of employees is the utmost priority. Some of the products available that your business can use to protect your employees from hazards include:

  • NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail, a modular rooftop railing system
  • KeeGuard® Railing, free-standing with counterbalance weights
  • NextGen Crossover Stairways, platforms and ramps for roofs, and inside your location
  • And much more

Click on the link below to have a look at the many products available to outfit your facility with required safety railings and more.

Your Single Source for Protection

Falls are some of the most common causes of work-related injuries and deaths. To ensure your business meets or surpasses safety requirements, rely on expert assistance from initial contact through delivery and installation. On-site inspections assess all safety concerns, especially with an eye on the methods of fall protection, which include:

  • Fall elimination
  • Fall prevention
  • Fall arrest
  • And more

Choose on-site inspections for design solutions. Click on the link below to discover how partnering with expert certified engineers on your next project will provide both violation-free confidence and cost-effectiveness.

Call Today

For more information about crossover stairs or any other safety solution that Safety Rail Source LLC offers, visit online at or call (877) 723-3766.

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