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Writing a Will and Making Pre-Arrangements With Funeral Directors in Bel Air to Prevent Problems

Every adult, especially those in late middle age or the senior years, should have certain legal documents in place that family members rely on after the individual passes away. One is a will that explains who inherits which assets. Another grants a family member power of attorney so that bills can be paid out of the person’s accounts. Funeral Directors in Bel Air also can help this man or woman with prearranging services for after death.

Avoiding Probate and State Division of Assets

Some men and women believe they don’t have enough assets to make a will worthwhile. Any small amount can be disputed by the immediate family members, however. Without a will, the division of assets is left to state laws or probate court. In some states, the entire inheritance automatically goes to the spouse. Maryland’s laws are more complicated, dividing up the estate among the spouse and adult children. The process delays the distribution of assets.

Payment for Funeral Services

The person consulting Funeral Directors in Bel Air must be sure that any arrangements decided on can be paid for by the estate or a life insurance policy. Immediate family members are not obligated to follow instructions if they must pay for any of the services out of pocket. Of course, some of them do so, but it’s best if the money comes from the individual who has passed away.

Sharing Pre-Arrangement Documents

After making pre-arrangements with an organization like Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, the person should share the documents with at least one immediate family member or close friend. If there is more than one adult child, all of them might be provided with a copy so that no misunderstandings develop afterward. They should all be on the same page as their parent regarding funeral arrangements.

This is particularly important when the parent knows that the adult children have strong disagreements about after-death practical matters. One may be adamantly against cremation for religious reasons while another may be against burial for environmental reasons. Anyone who wants to start the preplanning process may browse the website to get started.

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