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Working with Rational Ignorance

In economics there is a concept called “rational ignorance,” meaning that there is a certain amount of ignorance that makes sense. Knowledge comes with costs, and at a certain point, the cost of acquiring new information outweighs the benefits you would receive from it. Rational ignorance surrounds our daily lives. It’s not a bad thing to be rationally ignorant. There’s a reason why many engineers don’t know about 19th century German philosophy; the subject would not benefit them in their daily lives. Rational ignorance is used primarily with regard to price shopping and economics. While academic and general world knowledge might be acquired for fun, very few people price shop for foundation repair in and around Plano, Texas in their downtime. When people window shop, it’s more often for items they can’t afford or that are very fun. Foundation repair might be necessary, but people rarely get the urge to get their foundation fixed. The general cost of rational ignorance in this regard can be overpaying, or getting poor service.

So how do you reduce the amount of rational ignorance? The honest truth is to find ways that make it easier to price shop. The less work and cost there is associated with finding new pieces of information about the service you desire, the easier it is to gather more information. The internet has made it much easier to find these things out than ever before. However, not every service and construction industry player is going to have a large internet presence. With repair work, especially commercial repair, people aren’t going to run to Yelp! or other sites to post a review for the work unless it was astoundingly bad. If you only find a website for the Plano foundation repair company and not much else, that might be a good sign. What you want to do is be able to get an impression about the company quickly before moving on.

Before you judge too quickly on the quality of the site layout, do keep in mind the profession involved. If you are looking for something like marketing or IT services, you want a company that has a sleek website. However, something like foundation repair can have a site with fewer bells and whistles, because it’s not tied to the quality of their work. You also want to look for contact information and lists of clients. If you have a big job you want to find people who’ve worked similar jobs. Foundations are somewhat similar, but for a big commercial lot, you want to make sure the people know how to do commercial lots properly. The other advantage is you might be able to contact their clients and ask about the quality of their work. While this might sound like work, if you can narrow it down to companies you are interested in that have a client list, use that as a quick sort to find the places that can handle your job. Plano is a good-sized city, and for a big enough job people are willing to travel, so you’ll have options for foundation repair. You don’t want to make the wrong choice because you got tired of searching and settled.

Foundation Repair Plano – If you’re looking for foundation repair in Dallas, TX or the Dallas area, you should look into Accurate Foundation Repair, a company servicing the Dallas, Arlington and Plano area. They’re a company dedicated to top notch service and consumer satisfaction. They can be found online at or reached via telephone at 817-561-9339.

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