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Wolf Gordon — Fabric Wallpaper Can Create a Unique Look

For those who like to entertain, the décor of the room is as important as the food and guest list. People who feel comfortable and relaxed will enjoy the setting, even if the menu is simple cocktails. Restaurants understand the importance of ambiance, and hosts who grasp this concept will have successful gatherings. Fabric wallpaper§ can help a host create the right mood for entertaining.

Fabric wallpaper is a choice for those who prefer style and substance. High-class hotels, five star restaurants and exclusive clubs often use fabric as a way to create a look of elegance. The additional cost is negligible compared to the durability and style of this unique wall covering.

There are many different fabric options for wall coverings. Wool, hessian, felt, silk, suede, and felt are popular fabrics for wallpaper. Each type of material has unique properties and offers a different touch of style to a room. Designers who seek a retro modern look use hessian, wool, and felt. Silk and suede have a traditional look and feel while adding texture to a décor.

Designers saw wallpaper as passé for a period, but now it is making a comeback. Silk wallpaper is soft and rich, combining the look of wallpaper and paneling. It works well with wood and comes in many varieties from smooth to textured. Entertainers often like the earth tone color ranges for silk, especially in a dining room, music room, and formal sitting room.

Silk is suitable for high traffic areas; however, it is not preferable for common areas. A family room or rec room may not be a good choice for silk or other types of fabric wallpaper. Formal living rooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, and parlors are a better choice for this type of wall covering.

Fabric wallpaper is heavy and novice decorators may want to seek professional help to hang the material properly. If an individual decides to hang the paper on his own, make sure to follow the suggestions of the manufacturer or retailer. Different tapes of fabric require special handling, and proper hanging will ensure durability and cost effectiveness.

Fabric wallpaper has the additional benefit of being earth friendly. Many types of fabric wall coverings contain recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. If a homeowner is looking for material that is environmentally safe, speak with retailers who specialize in fabric wallpaper to discover which brands are environmentally responsible.

Do you want fabric wallpaper§ for you sitting room or parlor? Visit Wolf Gordon for wall coverings, paints, and other fabric needs.

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