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Window Screen Repair in St. Louis, MO for a Three-Season Room Prevents Further Problems

A three-season room often includes a large amount of window space, with windows lining the sides of the room with exterior walls. People love having these rooms because they get the sense of sitting outside even when it’s raining or unpleasantly windy. Window Screen Repair in St. Louis MO can be done if any of the screens in this room become torn or otherwise damaged.

Three-Season Rooms

Sometimes, a patio, a screened-in porch, or a deck has been converted to a three-season room to make better use of the space. With a patio, an entire enclosure with abundant window space must be built around the cement slab. A screened-in porch or deck has had a roof added over the structure if one was not already in place, and screens installed all the way around with support lumber to hold them in place. Modifications are made to that space if the household wants to make it more like a room of the house instead of an exterior feature.

Cost Considerations

Commonly, windows in this type of room are oversized, so replacing a screen can be a bit pricey. There may be window panels that run from the floor to the ceiling. Homeowners hope to have Window Screen Repair in St. Louis MO done instead of buying a new screen to install. This typically can be done if there is a relatively small hole or a fine tear.

How Screen Damage Happens

Tears can happen if a squirrel or chipmunk climbs up the screen and the sharp claws cause damage. Sometimes, a windstorm hurls a sharp branch into the material.

Problems With Delaying Repair Work

The household may be inclined to delay having repair work done, but that allows flying insects to get inside. That can be troublesome when those insects are biting ones like mosquitoes or stinging ones like wasps. Rain also can leak in through screen damage, especially when weather conditions are windy. To avoid these problems, homeowners may contact a contractor such as A.M. Richards Glass Co. to have the material repaired. Browse the website to learn more about this particular company.

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