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Why you should consider window tinting

There are a number of evaluation criteria for house glass tinting in New London, they depend on the goals of the house owner. In one case, heat reduction may be the over-riding factor while in other cases, privacy may be goal. Because of the various benefits, there will always be some small tradeoffs, know how to evaluate the pros and cons can make selecting the window tint much easier.

The windows in an average home account for about 75% of the heat gain during the summer months. This increase in internal temperature drives the cost of air conditioning much higher than need be. By reducing the heat gain, there will be a significant positive impact on your total energy bill. About 45% of a typical electric bill can be for heating and cooling.

It is not just the glass tinting in New London that affects the potential energy savings. If the house is oriented properly and there are a number of trees shading the house, these things, in co-operation with tint film can perhaps eliminate the need for air-conditioning except on the hottest days.

Window tint is designed to reject heat; the majority of transient heat is caused from the sun. Most of the heat attacks in the form of UV rays, so preventing the entry of UV by default, will lower the inside temperature. There are two factors to be considered when choosing the window film; one is reflectance and the other is the coefficient of heat gain. The heat gain applies to the amount of heat being allowed into the room, the lower the coefficient, the less heat is transmitted.

Solar reflectance applies to the amount of light and heat that is reflected back into the atmosphere. Films that have high reflectance ratings provide a higher heat reduction.

The benefits of applying tint film to your home:

Heat reduction is one important thing because of the positive impact it has on your energy bills, but that is not all. Home glass tinting in New London helps protect your carpets, drapes and furniture. It is the UV which is the biggest factor in damaging your soft furnishings, a film with a high rating for UV rejection may save you considerable money over time by not having to replace drapes and re-upholster furniture. There are films that can block 99% of the UV rays.

UV can also have detrimental effect on your health. It is the UV that is responsible for giving you sunburn; it also is one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

There are some window films that offer an element of safety. In the event an intruder attempts to enter your home by breaking a window, the tint film is difficult to shatter; consequently the intruder will leave as he will not want to stay long if he is apt to be noticed.

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