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Why you should consider having dental implants

Dental implants in Arlington Heights have been made possible by extensive and comprehensive research over the years. It is a much needed innovation in the dental health sector. People can now get their missing teeth replaced once they lose them due to decay, injury or disease. Implants are essential in proper maintenance of your general health as well as your dental health. This is because unreplaced teeth can lead to the loss of your remaining teeth as well as to their tipping and crowding. In addition, they can lead to loss of one’s self esteem and poor appearance.

Dental implants in Arlington Heights ensure that you regain your chewing ability and that your lost teeth do not cause damage to your other teeth. Dental implants are used to substitute the roots of teeth you have lost. They serve as anchors for crowns or tooth replacements for missing teeth. They enable the replacement of one or more teeth without affecting adjacent teeth; support bridges eliminate the need to get a removable partial denture and make dentures more comfortable and secure by providing support for them.

They are ideal for people of all ages who have lost one or more teeth. In order to be able to effectively support dental implants, you should have sufficient jawbone mass and good oral health. Your dentist can confirm whether or not you should get dental implants through an assessment of your medical and dental history.

There is a variety of dental implants to choose from. They vary in terms of sizes, brands and shapes. They can be categorized into two broad types; implants that fit into the jawbone and the ones that sit on top of it. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate for you.

There are many benefits associated with the use of dental implants. These include:

Ability to eat all kinds of food – The functionality of the dental implants is similar to that of your permanent teeth; thus, they allow you to indulge in whichever food you prefer. You can eat your favourite meals comfortably and confidently.

Restoration of your mouth to its normal state – Dental implants allow your teeth and jaws to function normally. This is because they function in a similar manner as natural teeth. Since they have a stable, strong foundation they allow for comfortable chewing and biting. In addition, they look and feel natural and improve your bite.

Improved dental hygiene – Keeping dental implants clean is easy. You can floss and brush them as you would your natural teeth. Unlike other devices used as teeth replacements, they are not at risk of wearing down. In addition, they do not affect your bordering natural teeth.

Improvement of your facial appearance – It ensures that your facial structures stay intact. It is essential in the prevention of the sagging of your face. The implants induce the production of new bone tissue providing a stable base. In addition, it aids in the strengthening and thickening of the jawbone thus making your facial structure more stable. This translates to toned, youthful facial muscles that improve your appearance.

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