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Why You Need a Probate Lawyer in Bainbridge Island

Disputes, mistakes, and missed assets are things that happen as estates are settled. The emotional trauma of the losses affects how clearly people think. Many families forget to discuss final plans or explain where they keep wills, property deeds, or information about trusts. A common question people have is if they should hire an attorney. Some situations may not need that type of professional guidance, but many others will benefit from their assistance.

Assets are Numerous

A Probate Lawyer in Bainbridge Island is often a necessity when an estate includes many assets. The potential for complications increases when there are more beneficiaries and the possibility of missed assets. A probate lawyer helps to keep the process organized and has the staff available to seek the titles, lost family members, or deal with other complications that may delay settling the estate.

Family is Divided

Money has a way of creating conflict for some families. In some instances, the debates can even start because of sentimental items with no real value. An attorney cannot prevent family arguments or mend a relationship. The responsibility of the lawyer is to make certain the last wishes of the deceased are legally honored. Lawyers can make certain all the final documents are valid and the family follows all local inheritance laws.

Debts are Overwhelming

A Probate Lawyer in Bainbridge Island is sometimes needed when there are no assets to divide among beneficiaries. Any assets that remain after death must first go to cover the expenses. Sometimes, those debts are higher than the assets will cover. A lawyer can help with negotiations with creditors and create a priority list of where the money needs to go. The effort helps to reduce the worry and time investment of family members.

The probate process can cause stress, fear, or frustration when people try to go through it alone. In Washington, probate can take six months to a year to complete. The process can conflict with work schedules, school, and much more. The wait for inheritance can become a financial burden or increase the potential for animosity between family members. Any assistance that reduces the effort of the family or makes the process a little faster and less confusing is worth the investment.

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