Why You Might Want To Choose Hardie Board Siding For Your New Jersey Home

by | May 28, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Hardie board siding is a gorgeous, affordable and virtually permanent home siding alternative to other home sidings. If you haven’t heard of Hardie board siding it is said to be a practically indestructible siding made from fiber cement. Fiber cement is simply cement that is mixed with sand, water, and cellulose wood fiber. When combined these materials create an ultra strong, rot resistant fiber cement perfect for protecting your home and making it beautiful for years to come.

What makes fiber cement the superior choice over vinyl, wood or aluminum siding? Due to the fiber cement that Hardie Board Siding New Jersey is made from it has many benefits. Hardie board siding is non combustible meaning that it is non flammable unlike it’s wood or cedar counterparts. It is extremely durable making it a wonderful choice for areas that experience severe weather conditions. Hardie Board Siding New Jersey has been known to hold up to hurricane force winds, large hail and the corrosive salt air of those living near the ocean. Another enticing reason to choose Hardie Board is it’s resistance to all wood eating insects including the dreaded termites and carpenter bees.

Don’t think that just because Hardie Board Siding New Jersey is so practical that isn’t beautiful as well. It truly is lovely and can be made to mimic the look of other sidings. If you are in love with the look of wood, cedar or even wood shake, Hardie board can make that look happen for you. Hardie board siding can also be made into almost any color that you can dream up or imagine. There is no reason you should have to give up the beauty you crave to have superior functionality.

Another compelling reason that will make you want to look into Hardie board siding when you are ready to Install Siding is the outstanding 30 year warranty that accompanies Hardie Board Siding New Jersey.

Whether you are looking into purchasing a fixer upper, or have decided that your home or business is in need of new and improved look, be sure to look into the superior option of the siding that is sure to last you a lifetime.

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