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Why You Do Not Want Deer In Your Yard

Deer are beautiful, inspirational and yet bring disaster to countless lawns, gardens and yards in Connecticut. Since their natural predators have been killed off, deer populations in suburban areas have exploded. They are also considered a health hazard in Connecticut since deer carry ticks and ticks carry several diseases. Get professional help from a good Landscape Construction in Guilford CT company to rid yourself of these large pests.

Damage to Plants and Gardens

According to the USDA Wildlife Service, deer cause an average of $367 million dollars in damage just for trees in the United States. Damage to crops, lawns, shrubs, gardens or even endangered plants are what the USDA calls “incalculable.” In winter, deer kill trees by eating them, especially the protective bark that helps trees alive during winter. Deer damaged plants look only partially cut away. This is because deer lack the powerful upper incisors that animals like rabbits possess.

Car Accidents

Deer have been around for millions of years but have not yet evolved how to escape speeding vehicles. The USDA estimates yearly damage to cars in America by deer at $1 billion dollars. These accidents cause the deaths of thousands of deer as well as an average of 211 human deaths. There have also been 1,088 collisions between deer and planes just between 1990 and 2013. This resulted in one human death, although deer fatalities were not recorded.

Tick Bourne Illnesses

Disease-carrying ticks also enjoy feasting on the blood of pets and people. Their bites cause many diseases, including ehrlichiosis (also called human anaplasmosis); deer tick fever which can escalate to potentially lethal encephalitis; and Lyme disease, named after the very unfortunate Connecticut town. Help reduce ticks with proper landscape management, checking for ticks right after going outside and wearing tick repellent.

In Conclusion

Deer cause many headaches for Connecticut property and automobile owners. Deer cause extensive landscape damage, carry disease-causing ticks and cause many accidents in car accidents or even colliding with small planes. Home and business owners may be held liable for any injuries caused by deer on your property, depending on your individual insurance policy.

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