Why You Are Going to Fall in Love with Honduran Products Dec19


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Why You Are Going to Fall in Love with Honduran Products

One of the things that are starting to catch the eye of shoppers all over the world are Honduran products such as handmade pottery, jewelry, and other home décor items. When you purchase handmade Honduran products you won’t just be purchasing something that looks nice while sitting on a shelf in your home, you will be purchasing a bit of folk art.

The best part when purchasing Honduran products is that you aren’t just purchasing an item. You are also getting a story. That’s what’s great about folk art, it tells a story about the life and viewpoints of the world. The symbols used on the products represent important images of either the life or folk lore of the Honduran culture.

What’s great about purchasing Honduran products is that not only are you going to be getting something that will look really great in your house; you will also be getting something that is making the world a better place. Most Honduran products, particularly the ones that are being used for home décor are a part of the Fair Trade movement and will have the Fair Trade logo attached to them. What this symbol means is that they are products that have been created by individuals who currently live in areas of extreme poverty and most of the proceeds from the purchase will go towards helping to improve the quality of life for the creators of the product.

What else is great about purchasing Honduran products is that you aren’t just limited to figurines and a bit of pottery that you can use to decorate your home. You can also show off your love of Honduran folk art by wearing your Honduran products. Honduran jewelry falls into the category of jewelry that looks very simply, but is extremely difficult to make. Honduran jewelry is made from fibers collected from the Junco palm which are then dyed and woven into gorgeous designs such as butterflies and birds. The great thing about Honduran jewelry is that it is light and very comfortable to wear and is both stylish and casual, making it a great match for both casual and semi-formal wear.

If you are a big fan of Honduran products, you are most definitely going to want to invest in some Honduran handbags. These bags are going to be completely different from every other handbag you own. Instead of being made out of fabric or leather, the Honduran handbags are created from the Tule Palm. Despite the fact that the bags are very lightweight, they are also strong. The patterns and colors that the Honduran’s favor when creating their handbags make it possible to match them with most of your wardrobe.

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