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Why Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan Is Trending

If you live in lower Manhattan or specifically Tribeca, you know the historic significance of this part of New York. Most of the residential buildings once were industrial buildings as the area was home to the cotton and textile trade.

Tribeca Buildings of Note

Some of the well-known buildings in the area include the Textile Building, which was built at the turn of the 20th century, and the Powell Building, a popular landmark on Hudson Street built back in 1892. During the later part of the 60s and 70s, Tribeca lofts became the on-trend homes of young artists who enjoyed the expansive living space. Buildings such as these deserve the best in renovation solutions, including wood flooring refinishing.

Several areas of Tribeca have been designated as historic districts, including an extension on the South side in 2002. Some more buildings of note include the landmarked Verizon Building built between 1923 and 1927 and 32 Avenue of Americas. If you did not have access to wood flooring refinishing in Manhattan, you would indeed be losing out on a great service.

What Are Your Wood Floor Refinishing Needs?

If you have a wood floor in your historic residence that needs to be revitalized, you can obtain the needed help by contacting a well-recognized area company. Wood floors greatly increase the value of converted buildings that have been revamped into condos or apartments. That is why wood flooring refinishing, especially in Tribeca, is a trending thing.

Whether you are a developer who wishes to restore a building to its former glory or a condo owner who wishes to add more value to your property, you will make a wise investment by refinishing the already intact wood flooring in your building. Speak to a specialist in the refinishing field, such as New York Wood Flooring, for further details.

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