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Why Winter is a Good Time for Gutter Repair in Bothell, WA

The winter season tends to bring a lot of precipitation in Bothell. Most residents may find this situation preferable to the snow storms that plague other areas of the country, but all that rain can still wind up having a negative impact on area homes.

With the winter season getting ready to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about how to get those homes prepared for spring. Read on to find out why Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa should be on that list.

Damage From Clogs

It’s not uncommon for leaves or other tree debris to wind up clogging gutters and, more specifically, gutter downspouts. This can lead to serious damage if homeowners haven’t been as conscientious as they should be about removing clogs and maintaining their gutters. Winter is a great time to have any damage from these clogs repaired since doing so will allow homeowners to start over fresh come spring.

Storm Damage

Winter storms sometimes bring down tree limbs, which can also cause acute gutter damage. This type of damage should be repaired immediately. If left unchecked, hanging or otherwise severely damaged gutters can wind up leaving homes susceptible to foundation damage, siding damage, and other serious issues.

Beat the Rush

Many homeowners in Washington wait until spring to start calling contractors to schedule exterior renovations and repairs. Those who want to beat the spring rush may want to call to schedule Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa now so they won’t have to wait as long for an opening. Taking the initiative to get these essential repairs performed earlier in the year will also give readers the opportunity to focus on other improvements around the house when the weather starts clearing up.

Damaged Seams Can’t Wait

Older gutters that still feature seams often require more frequent repairs, and these repairs should never be put off. Even a small gap can widen substantially over time, causing gutters to become detached from the roof and leaving them unable to divert water away from the home as intended. Homeowners who have any damaged seams repaired early may be able to get away with just having any leaks sealed with silicon, but those who put repairs off typically find they have to replace the gutter systems.

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