Why Using Software to Manage Your Cap Tables in UT Is Incredibly Smart

For those who are involved in the world of business finance, there is a definite understanding of how important it is to be able to easily engage in cap table management. Instead of trying to do this on a manual basis, it is highly recommended to use dedicated software with which to do this. There are many reasons why this is so.

Secured Information

A cap table contains very important information having to do with your company. Such data such as who owns the company or shareholder information needs to be protected at all costs. In fact, if any of this data were to be unprotected and subsequently tampered with, it could spell disaster for the company.

Investment Guidance

A company cannot simply accept any new investment opportunity that comes along. When using cap table software, each investment offer can be analyzed and then decided upon. By doing it this way, you can determine which investment is the most practical or beneficial and which investment would overly dilute the investor pool.

Dashboard Customization

The is much more to cap table management than just simply using a spreadsheet that contains raw data that can often be difficult to decipher. When using software, the output can be customized so that any report you need to read is readily accessible. There is no more hunting for specific data parameters.

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