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Why Use Glass In Your Storefront Design?

Glass is a versatile construction material used in windows, doors, walls and interior partitions. It allows natural lighting to enter the building and, if treated, glass can help moderate the interior temperature of a building or room. As part of a storefront design, glass is an attractive and inviting material. It can be used to showcase displays or simply to allow customers a view into the store.

If you are interested in a glass Storefront, a commercial glass company can help you select the design that makes the most sense for a business. Since the storefront is a store’s public face, the design is an important part of a store’s advertising. A unique and attractive design will not only attract customers’ attention, it will be easy for customers to picture when they recall the store, reinforcing a sense of familiarity and recognition.

Adding a large glass storefront window is a great way to display your merchandise and attract customers. If you are planning to install a display window, consider whether you need a vertical or horizontal space, and this will be determined by the type of goods you want to display. A floor-to-ceiling window is perfect for a mannequin display in a boutique. However, jewelers often use a half window with a horizontal display of jewelry or watches. The window may simply give your customers a view of the store’s interior, so make sure that the window location and interior design allow the window to show off the store at its best.

Large storefront windows do more than display merchandise, though. They also improve your business’s security. For one thing, large windows let in more light, making it easier for you or your security cameras to see what’s going on in the store. In addition, they provide a view of the exterior which can help alert you to a person’s suspicious behavior before he or she enters the store.

If you are considering installing glass as part of your commercial Storefront, make sure that it is professionally installed by National Glass Association, or NGA, certified crews. The NGA seeks to promote quality workmanship, ethics, and safety in glass installation.

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