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Why Skunk Populations Are An Increasing Concern and Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg

Suburban development, decreased waste budgets, and mild winters are causing an increase in skunks in residential areas. Many cities have enacted programs to deal with excessive skunk populations. As skunks continue to lose their natural habitats, gain increased access to food supply (i.e. trash), and experience longer mating seasons, the problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Learn more about why the rise in skunk populations is especially concerning and what skunk removal companies can do about it.

Skunks Release a Pungent OdorMost people know that skunks spray a foul-smelling liquid when threatened. Many, however, don’t realize that skunks can spray up to 15 feet with incredible accuracy. In addition, if skunk spray gets into the eyes, it can cause severe eye irritation and temporary blindness. Damage is not permanent, but it’s enough to want to keep skunks at bay. The smell of skunk can linger for months if the amount of spray is large enough. That’s a big concern for those with curious pets. Contact us to learn more about how to deal with skunks around your property.

Skunks Sometimes Nest Under HomesWhile skunks typically nest in burrows or dens, open fields, or brush piles, they’ll sometimes nest under porches, sheds, or other buildings. Pest removal companies often receive calls to remove skunks from residential properties. A skunk den under a home means that skunks will likely begin mating and raising kits, which will increase the skunk population. Companies that provide skunk removal in Reynoldsburg can help address any skunk problems near homes or businesses and relocate the animals.

Rabid Skunks Are On The Rise

While a skunk’s foul odor is concerning, what’s even more troubling is the increase in rabid skunks. The Center for Disease Control’s data on rabid skunks from 2009 to 2011 shows an alarming trend. Some states, including Missouri, have seen record-high increases in rabid skunks and others, such as Virginia, maintain that they have a rabid skunk epidemic. Those in residential areas that notice an uptick in the number of skunks should reach out to places that specialize in skunk removal in Reynoldsburg to have the issue addressed and dealt with at once.

Skunks seem harmless aside from their ability to produce a strong-smelling spray, but that’s simply not the case. As rabid skunk populations increase, they pose an increased health risk to residential communities. Reach out to a skunk removal company to remedy skunk issues.

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