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Why Shocking Your Swimming Pool Should Happen Frequently

Bacteria can grow in almost any environment, but are especially prevalent in swimming pools. When organic materials enter the pool, bacteria feed off of them. By letting those organic materials settle, you are giving bacteria free range to take over your pool.

In order to prevent bacteria in your pool, you must remember to do a swimming pool shock often.

What Shocking Your Pool Does

Organic materials enter the pool on humans, animals, and through the force of nature. These include things such as debris, leaves, lotions, skin cells, saliva, sweat, soil, urine, and many other items. While some of these may seem harmless, they all give bacteria access to grow in your pool.

Even with regular pool sanitation treatments, it is easy for organic materials to build up. Bacteria can quickly become dangerous in a pool that is not well maintained.

In order to maintain a healthy pool environment, kill bacteria, and keep your guests safe, make sure that you shock your pool often. Shocking your pool kills all bacteria in the pool and disintegrates any organic material left behind by regular treatments.

When You Should Shock Your Pool

Most professionals believe that you should shock your pool at least once per week. Others state that you should shock when chloramines reach .3 ppm. If your pool is used more often, especially by children, it may be appropriate to shock more than once per week.

By watching the pool closely, you should be able to tell how often your pool needs to be shocked. If the water becomes hazy or discolored, you may need to shock the pool again. Similarly, if your pool smells strongly of chlorine, this may be a sign that a shock is needed.

How to Shock Your Pool

There are many different ways to implement a swimming pool shock in your pool. The type you choose depends on the type of pool you have. For chlorine pools, a chlorine boost will do.

However, for chlorine free pools, it is best to talk with a professional. Find a professional in your local area or contact Clearwater Pool Systems to discuss your pool shocking options.

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