Why New York Cosmetic Dentistry Is So Important In Today’s Society Sep06


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Why New York Cosmetic Dentistry Is So Important In Today’s Society

Dentists everywhere have already hopped on the cosmetic dentistry bandwagon, and it’s especially true in New York. The money spent on this branch of dental visit has doubled within a few short years and is still expected to rise. Most procedures have grown over 200 percent in recent years because people want to look more beautiful and handsome.

What Is Influencing This Boom?

The biggest influence of the New York cosmetic dentistry boom is that the population is now aging. Yes, the young are still prevalent, but even they are recognizing the benefits of beautifying themselves and keeping themselves looking younger.

Everyone seems focused on youth, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. However, baby boomers are the primary cause for the boost in beautifying procedures because they are a major consumer of dental care. Likewise, almost 27 percent of patients are between the ages of 40 and 49, with those over 50 closely following.

The Top Five Procedures Requested

Primarily, whitening and bleaching of the teeth remain the most popular procedure because everyone wants whiter teeth. Stained and yellowed teeth can make you look older and can be unsightly. Those up for a promotion or who don’t want to look too old for the job may request such a procedure.

Likewise, veneers, white inlays, and onlays, crowns and bonding are also in the top five.


Because physical changes are natural and will happen with age, it’s important for people in New York to focus on their looks sooner than they normally would. For example, most people started to worry when they turned 35 because they started seeing wrinkles and sagging skin. However, with the environmental impact people now see, these aging signs are occurring sooner, which is why people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to take a few years off their face.

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