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Why Many Welders Prefer MIG Welding

Welding in Cleveland is a job requiring skill, expertise, and experience. In both large and small fabrication shops, welders have a selection of equipment and processes from which to choose. Among the many types of welding available, MIG remains a favorite. In fact, many welders prefer MIG welding to all other options.

Why Choose MIG?

MIG is a product of the early years of World War II. It became the go-to methods for producing quality welds using aluminum and producing highly functional weapons for the military. Over the years, MIG became increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. For proficient welders in Cleveland, the MIG method of welding is attractive for several reasons. It is

  • Highly efficient and very clean – lacking slag and with only minor amounts of weld spatter
  • Quick to apply
  • Fast at producing clean, precise welds
  • Able to produce quality results
  • Straightforward to use
  • Available in both in automatic or semi-automatic arc welding format
  • Adept in handling metal welds that are either thin or thick
  • Not as demanding for welders needing to complete projects. They can finish off longer welds before it becomes necessary to stop. Welders can accomplish longer welds without stops. This improves the overall productivity of the shop

Indeed, MIG welding is easy to use and able to work with a variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For fabrication shops, it offers the additional advantage of requiring less training than several other forms of welding does.

MIG Welding

Many Cleveland welders favor a specific type of welding over the other available types. While some opt for TIG, others prefer MIG. This is a common form of welding available in fabrication shops in cities across America. Its speed, ease of use, quality welds and cost-effectiveness makes MIG welding a common choice for shop owners and welders alike.

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