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Why Is Data Center Networking Important?

Networking in data centers is critical for your business. It is central to providing your customers and end-users with on-demand access to your website and the data you provide as public. The ability to reach customers wherever they may be and through various providers is an important consideration for any business in choosing a data center.

A simple way to think about this is with your local business network or LAN. If your computers and systems are all old and outdated, they cannot access and process data quickly, resulting in a poor quality experience for your end-users.

The same is true with your customers. If the data center you choose is not using the latest in technology, is not an internet hub, or has connection difficulty with outside networks, the end-user has difficulties accessing data, poor performance, and interruptions in service.

Quality Networking Solutions

The data center should provide information about the internet hubs or exchanges associated with the specific facility. Ideally, multiple internet exchanges provide the highest level of networking ability and builds redundancies.

In addition, the data center should have connectivity to major carriers in the geographic areas where the data center is located. Many of the top data centers around the world offer connectivity to more than a hundred different ISPs in addition to direct connectivity with the national internet exchange in the given country.

The better and more robust the networking for the data center, the better the accessibility to data and computing solutions for your business and your end-users.

To find out more about the networking capabilities of each Web Werks data center, see us online. Information on all of our data centers can be found at www.webwerks.in.

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