Why Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Are Timely Warnings for America Today Apr28


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Why Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Are Timely Warnings for America Today

There haven’t been many terrible events before or since the Holocaust that took place in Germany during the second world war. Many mistakenly believe that these eye-witness accounts of the atrocities that occurred in Hitler’s death concentration camps are simply memories and are not relevant for people living today in western civilizations. Learn why Holocaust survivor memoirs are timely warnings for America today and tomorrow.

The Rise of Hitler Didn’t Happen Overnight

The rise of the Nazi party did not happen overnight. Before this dark time had a chance to grow into the immense political and societal oppressive movement that it became, there were early warning signs that were ignored. Today, the two main political parties in this country seem to be getting polarized on both sides.

Recognizing the Warnings of Racial & Religious Prejudices Today

The racial tension and other prejudices that some members of society must tolerate on a daily basis have begun to simmer and overflow into riots and other examples of violence. The scary thought is that what happened then could happen again because people are not perfect beings.

Most Witnesses of Nazi Germany’s Impact Are Already Gone

In America today, several generations now have lived and died since WWll. Most of the survivors and witnesses to that time period are already long gone. All humans have now are the words in these Holocaust survivor memoirs to remind people there are places where no society should ever go again. Contact UNSTOPPABLE via https://unstoppablesiggi.com anytime.

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