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Why Get Implant Dentistry St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis, Missouri and have teeth that are missing for whatever reason, due perhaps to an extraction or an injury, begin to seek Implant Dentistry St. Louis for an attractive, permanent solution.

How Does Implant Dentistry Work?
The implant process sounds scary and though it may seem intensive, you will be better off after the procedure than you were before it.

The first step of the implant dentistry St. Louis procedure is to create a small incision in the skin of your gum through which to install an implant screw into your jaw bone. After the implant is inserted, the dentist will suture your gum to close the skin over it.

The second step will happen after you are given sufficient time to heal after the first step. You will need three to six months of time for the wound to heal and for your jaw bone to grow around the inserted implant enough. This process is known as osseointegration. During these three to six months, you may need to have a temporary crown installed in your mouth so that you can eat and talk as normal and so that your smile will not look any different than it used to before the procedure.

The third step takes place after your wound is fully healed. The dentist will then place an abutment over your implant. This abutment will provide a foundation for the new tooth to be put on. Then your dentist will take an impression of the abutment, which will then be used to manufacture a crown. This process of crown creation can be done at an onsite lab or sent to be done at an offsite lab. Once the crown restoration is finished, you can come back to the dentist’s office to get the restoration attached to the abutment.

What Are the Benefits of Implant Dentistry?
There are several benefits to having implant dentistry St. Louis done. Following is only a sampling:

1. Permanent: Implants are inserted directly into your gums and fuse with your jaw bone, so you will have your new tooth for life, as opposed to superficial solutions like crowns or bridges which can be damaged or fall out more easily.

2. Look better: Implants look like one of your natural teeth.

3. No change: Unlike bridges, implants don’t require any changes to your existing teeth.

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