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Why Get a Bankruptcy Consultation in Schaumburg?

Many consumers have had difficulties paying their bills over the past several years. There are a wide variety of reasons why consumers have had financial difficulties. The recession has caused a lot of job losses. Many have had suffered reductions in wages as well. With medical costs in the United States being so high, a lot of people end up with financial problems due to large medical bills. Regardless of the reason for financial difficulties, consumers should consider getting a Bankruptcy Consultation in Schaumburg to find out if filing for bankruptcy is the best way to get financial relief.

The consultation will be with a bankruptcy attorney. The purpose will be to figure out if a bankruptcy is the best option for the consumer. A lawyer will know the eligibility requirements for filing the various types of bankruptcy available to consumers. Furthermore, the attorney will do a bit of math to figure out if filing is the best option. For example, a consumer who is unable to pay for normal daily living expenses plus the minimum payment on debt is a good candidate to file for bankruptcy. This is especially true if the chances of increased income in the near future is low. Bankruptcy is designed to help those who have no viable way of ever repaying their creditors in full. If it is possible to file for bankruptcy, the next step is to figure out which type of bankruptcy it will be.

Ideally, a consumer who needs a fresh start will try to file for chapter 7. Under chapter 7, all eligible debts will go away without the need to enter into a repayment plan ordered by the trustee. This is the best option for those who are eligible. In order to file for chapter 7, the consumer needs to meet certain income and asset requirements. If income and assets are too high, then it may be necessary to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy, which does involve completion of a repayment plan prior to discharge of remaining debts. There are limitations on the amount of unsecured and secured debt that can be discharged under chapter 13. The bankruptcy attorney will go over what will happen and begin the process to file if that is what the consumer chooses. Most who choose to file have no regrets years later. That is why consumers struggling with debt should consider filing for bankruptcy.

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