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Why General Dentistry Wants People to Use Interdental Brushes

People must be clear that to prevent the occurrence of serious oral health problems, they have to make a change in their mentality and lifestyle. Stop smoking, excess alcohol use, overconsumption of sweets, soda, etc… In addition to helping to keep teeth in place, these new measures will help to maintain adequate overall health. Oral hygiene at home, though not enough, is very complex and time-consuming and requires, therefore, an important commitment by the patient. Besides the use of their toothbrush, every local General Dentistry will say there are many other things people should consider: toothpaste, tongue cleaner, floss, and above all, the interdental brush. To get a thorough cleaning (and better remove plaque and food debris between teeth) do not forget that an interdental brush best suits this need. There are many on the market, so it won’t be hard to find one that suits you. Once acquired, how should one use it?

Before you start using an interdental brush, people should know why areas of the mouth should be cleaned: between the teeth (interdental spaces) between teeth and implants or between implants (to prevent peri-implantitis, the equivalent of diseases in rehabilitated mouths) below the fixed prostheses and to clean between teeth and orthodontic wires. This is why each patient needs to internalize its particular use. If you do not know how ask a local General Dentistry and receive specific instructions. An interdental brush should not be used heavily in the spaces between the teeth. If people notice too much resistance when trying to go through an interdental space, people should look for a smaller brush or try to change the entry angle of the brush. Each person has interdental spaces of different sizes, they are never even with each other. So people usually need several sizes at once to perform a thorough cleaning.

A person’s brushing technique is also important. People must move the tool from front to back several times and horizontally. Note that the brush should not move up and down, it could be hooked at the point of contact between the teeth. Visit Robertogdendds.com to learn more.

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