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Why Embrace Pallet Recycling in Wisconsin?

Do you use a lot of pallets in your business? Pallets or skids are excellent shipping containers, and they let you easily move materials. In fact, you can save a lot of man hours with a good pallet system. But what happens when they break and you need to remove them from service? This is where a good pallet recycling plan is one of your best investments in Wisconsin. Here are some reasons to consider recycling.

Reusable Materials

You can use wooden pallets over and over again, and this saves money. When they break, you can simply throw them away or dispose of them. However, when you recycle you get money for your old pallets. A pallet recycling service in Wisconsin can help you cut costs considerably. Not only do you eliminate disposal fees, you get paid for your scrap pallets.

What Happens to the Old Pallets?

If you decide to recycle you may store all the damaged pallets in one area. Your pallet company picks them up and pays you for them. The pallets then go back to the company, and they sort them out. Repairable units get fixed and then returned to service. In fact, repaired pallets are a good way to save on shipping costs. Some of the wood is not reusable, so it gets sold to companies which grind it down and use it for products like mulch and particle board.

Eco Friendly Solution

Most consumers and businesses today are highly aware of environmental issues. Pallet recycling in Wisconsin is a good way to help the environment and is good for public relations. As landfills get full and more pollutants enter the ground and water systems, the planet needs more recycling efforts. Your sustainable efforts not only save you money, they help you comply with the latest EPA rules and regulations.

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