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Why Divorces involving Children Require Family Law Attorneys

Anyone facing a divorce in Fort Myers can benefit from the legal counsel of a family law attorney, but this is especially true when children are involved. A new university study says that while divorce in a family does not definitively lead to problems in children, problems arise when the divorce is “linked to inter-parental conflict, a lack of co-parenting, and an unsuitable family climate.”

In a study that compared the behavior of children of divorced parents with the children of married parents, results suggested that children from a family with divorce had no more problems than children with an intact family, provided that divorced parents had adapted positively to the new family situation. The study claims that divorce only results in behavioral issues in children when other factors are present, such as inter-parental conflict, poor co-parenting, disruptions to daily routines of children, or psychological problems that the parents themselves are experiencing.

This should be welcome news for parents facing divorce. Parents are often wracked with guilt that their participation in a divorce will cause long-term harm to their children. According to the study, however, such problems can be avoided with the help of a family law attorney. For example, an attorney who specializes in family law can help a spouse negotiate adequate co-parenting arrangements so that both parents and children can adapt well. In addition, agreements can be reached that will cause minimal disruption to a child’s daily routines, so the child does not suffer any ill-effects from the divorce itself.

One of the most important things that a family law attorney can do is minimize parental conflict. Divorce is never easy, and often before they even notice it, spouses end up at odds with one another. When that hostility is witnessed and internalized by the children, behavioral issues can begin to develop. Ironically, one parent then blames the other for the resultant behavior, creating more anger and hostility, and a vicious cycle ensues. A family lawyer can facilitate negotiations between spouses so that such hostility never gets the chance to form. To know more, click here.

If you live in Fort Myers or the surrounding areas and are facing a divorce that will impact children, make sure that both your interests and theirs are protected. You can avoid problems in your children’s behavior by proactively reaching agreements that will prevent them. Contact a Law Office Of James W. Chandler, P.A. today for the sake of your entire family.

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