Why Dental Implants Have Become So Popular

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Health And Fitness

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Every year, thousands of people suffer tooth loss.  This mostly happens because of accidents, or diseases like gingivitis (gum disease) or decay. For a long time bridges and dentures were the only treatments available for people suffering with these problems.

If you have lost some of your teeth for one of the above mentioned reasons, there’s good news for you. Fortunately, the advancement of medical science has come up with new hope. They are known as artificial dental implants.

What are dental implants?

A titanium post will be surgically inserted into your jawbone to work as the root of your lost tooth. A metal ball will be placed on the top of gumline and an artificial tooth will be installed. It’s as simple as that. Replacement of the root will help you experience much stronger teeth without any discomfort.

Want to know how dental implants can be beneficial for you? Here are some points that will help:

1.       No uncomfortable feelings: People with removable dentures often experience that it has not been fitted properly in their mouth. As a result they face irritation of exposed nerves and tissues all the time. With dental implants, you can easily avoid such problems as the artificial teeth are fixed permanently in your gum.

2.       Improved speech: If dentures are not fitted properly in mouth they can cause severe speech problems. You continuously try to hold the teeth in place and because of that your facial muscles get largely affected. As a result, people with dentures often stammer or struggle to speak properly. Installation of new permanent teeth will help you avoid such discomforts and speak confidently in front of others.

3.       Eat whatever you like: Dental implants increase your chewing capability to a great extent. As there are no fears of jawbone shrinking or ill fitted dentures, you can eat your favorite foods with confidence. As they won’t cause any discomfort in your mouth you won’t even feel they are artificial.

4.       Boosts self-esteem: Considering all the above mentioned benefits, there’s one more. When you smile beautifully, talk with everyone with confidence, and eat whatever you like… you start living a new life filled with self esteem that was almost impossible with dentures. Dental implants will renew your confidence and help you enjoy every flavor of life freely.

So, if you are looking for reputed dentists providing dental implants, Queens (NY) practitioners won’t disappoint you. However, do not forget to check out the track record and qualifications of the dentist you are intending to hire.

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