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Why Compounding is Better: the Best Compounded Service in Sacramento Explains

Despite the scientific breakthroughs that seem to happen within the medical field on an almost daily basis, Americans still experience a tremendous number of diseases and chronic illnesses that make daily life difficult. We may be living to record old ages, but if we’re not living well, there’s not much use. Most doctors rely heavily on prescription medication to control and eliminate symptoms of sickness, but an absurd number of these formulas are still patented, making them extremely expensive for patients with and without insurance. In addition, these medications often include other ingredients that can cause unwanted side effects. This is why the Best Compounded Service in Sacramento, Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy, recommends having your doctor prescribe medications that can be compounded by hand to precise specifications.

Compounding offers many benefits over mass produced medications, and many doctors prefer to prescribe treatments that can be compounded by hand rather than something made in a factory. One of the primary reasons is because compounded provides the pharmacist with a greater degree of control over the ingredients, which can be vital for some patients. For example, some thyroid medications are written to be compounded by hand so that the patient receives the exact dosage level indicated by the physician. Since the thyroid is highly sensitive and its levels can fluctuate wildly in response to medical treatment, being able to increase or decrease the amount of medication by minute degrees can improve health without unnecessary fluctuations. There are a number of medications that are simply better when compounded by hand, so talk to your doctor to determine if that would be the better option for you. Another reason why compounding pharmacies are popular among physicians is because there is often a greater degree of care and caution taken in mixing up medications. In corporate pharmacies that are more interested in volume rather than patient health, it’s not uncommon for a patient to receive the incorrect dosage or the wrong medication all together. Compounding requires a higher level of attention and care, which means increased safety for the patient.

Compounded medications are often a better solution, but only your doctor can make that call. Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy, the Best Compounded Service in Sacramento, advises you to consult with your physician about the possibility of using compounded prescriptions. The difference can be amazing.

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