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Why Choosing A Shingle Roof For The Home

There are all kinds of options for residential roofs today. Even with all these choices, going with a Shingle Roof is still an excellent way to go. Here are some of the benefits that the homeowner can expect to enjoy by considering shingles for the new roof.

Plenty of Color and Texture Options

Shingles come in all sizes, shapes, textures and colors. What this means for the homeowner is that finding something ideal for the home will not be difficult. It doesn’t matter if the home is a two-story colonial or a mid-20th-century ranch house, there are shingles out there that will enhance the look of the place and ensure it looks its best.

Easy Installation

One of the expenses associated with a roof replacement is the labor involved. When a roof is easier to install, the team can move faster, and the customer saves on the hourly labor fees. A Shingle Roof is considered one of the easiest to install, meaning it will be in place faster, and the cost of putting the roof in place will be a little less.


Shingles are made of all sorts of materials, but all of them are built to last for at least two or three decades. Depending on how much the customer is able to spend, there are shingles that will still look great for up to five decades. A contractor can go over the pros and cons associated with each shingle choice and help the client find that sweet spot between quality and cost.


A properly installed roof made using shingles will require little other than basic maintenance. Depending on the materials used, adding a protective coating every few years will provide additional protection from weather conditions like hail. If a shingle is damaged somehow, replacing it is a task that is easy to manage.

For anyone who is thinking about installing a new roof, contact the team at C & R Home Improvements Inc. today. A contractor will visit the home, take a look at the house, and provide the owner with some ideas of how to proceed. Once the choice is made, the materials can be ordered, and a date will be set for the roof replacement to get underway. You can also watch video on Youtube chanel.

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