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Why Businesses in London Should Embrace Mobile Marketing Services

People are addicted to smartphones. One of 50 mobile marketing statistics to know in 2022 is that average smartphone users check their phones more than 60 times a day. For marketers, having a robust mobile marketing strategy is essential.

When looking at 50 mobile marketing statistics to know in 2022, something else you will learn is that over 80% of people will check their phones while spending time with friends and family. It is estimated that average users spend over 170 minutes on their smartphones every day. Working with digital marketing services in London allows business owners to take advantage of the time people spend on their phones to build brand awareness, advertise products, and more.

Working with digital marketing services in London is cost-effective for businesses. Its targeted nature means that every dollar spent works that much harder. Since various communication channels can be used, small business owners can pick and choose the ones that fit their budget.

Location-based targeting is another benefit of mobile marketing services. Geo-fencing leads to alerts, notifications, and other offers when a person is in a specific location. This makes the message more focused and personal, which is it is more likely to be noticed.

Real-time transactions can take place thanks to mobile marketing. For example, customers can access coupons as soon as they enter a store that uses mobile marketing.

Learn more about the benefits of mobile marketing and find out how Digital Marketing Services in London can be your marketing partner by visiting Joist Media website.

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