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Why Business Insurance is Essential for Protecting Your Assets

Business Insurance St. Louis MO – is absolutely necessary if you want to protect the business in St. Louis you have worked so tirelessly to build. No two businesses are alike therefore you are going to need a customized policy to fit your needs. Inventory, equipment and business assets all need to be protected just like your belongings are protected with homeowners insurance.

Common Business Insurance Coverage

General Liability coverage protects the company against claims, negligence, personal or manufacturing errors, bodily injury and property damage just to name a few. Product Liability coverage protects the company in the event of a lawsuit related to product malfunction or damage, injury and death from the use of a faulty product. Key Person insurance coverage means that your insurance company will provide the business with compensation in the event a key person in the company becomes disabled or deceased. The funds must be used for business expenses such as finding a replacement or buying out their stock in the company.

Business Insurance for Restaurants

If your restaurant was forced to close for a few days unexpectedly would you be able to recover from the cost? What if there was an area wide power failure that caused all of your food to spoil? A customized policy for your restaurant could cover employee theft, fire, sewage backup, food contamination, equipment breakdown and failure or even property coverage to name a few. If you own a restaurant in the area it is essential to purchase Business Insurance St. Louis MO to ensure you get up and running after a disaster as soon as possible.

Coverage for Convenience Stores

There are many losses that can be incurred when you own a convenience store. Employee theft, gas pump malfunction and fire are a just a few losses you may have to deal with. Would you be able to afford your monthly bills if your gas delivery was delayed and you couldn’t sell any gas for 3 days? If a lawsuit was filed against you for selling to a minor who was in an accident after purchasing alcohol from a friend who was your employee could you afford the legal fees? Don’t let unexpected catastrophes cause you to lose your business, protect yourself with business insurance.

Daycare Insurance Coverage

Whether you run a daycare out of your home, own a professional daycare office or run an after school program there are many reasons why you need to protect yourself with business insurance coverage. All daycares tend to have some sort of playground set up. What if a child were to fall off the playground and break their arm. Some parents are looking for someone to sue and this is the perfect opportunity to sue you for negligence. Even though they may not win, could you afford all of the legal fees associated with such a court battle? How about if one of your employees were to steal money from the register? To keep your business up and running you need to protect yourself with a great insurance policy.

No matter what kind of business you own, if you are searching for insurance to protect it contact Associated Insurance Brokers. They are a family owned business that has been providing business insurance to St Louis MO for over 30 years. They will work with you to create the perfect policy for your business needs.

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