Why Book Motivational Humorous Speakers

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Business

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An increasing number of businesses have turned to motivational speakers for their workshops, seminars, and other events. Topics may range from increasing sales to boosting productivity, and in the hands of the wrong speaker, can bore your crowd in record time. With the plethora of businesses looking for speakers, hiring motivational humorous speakers is the best way to be sure your event is remembered, your staff and guests are entertained, and that the message the speaker is trying to give gets across. Here are just a few reasons why your company should strongly consider booking motivational humorous speakers for your events.

Laughter Makes People Feel Good

Even if you’ve hired a motivational speaker to help boost productivity or sales during a down period, motivational humorous speakers will help leave your audience feeling positive about the situation. A serious speaker is likely to address the topic in a clinical way, focusing on the sales losses or the negative element that needs to be changed. By hiring someone who can put a humorous spin on the situation, your audience is more likely to feel better about the situation – and more empowered to do something about it.

Studies have shown that people who laugh more are also more likely to come up with new ideas and different perspectives, potentially creating tons of problem solvers in the crowd. This helps your employees and management staff approach the situation with a much better perspective and with clearer heads than simply having a serious tone address the room.

Humor Helps Memory Retention

Perhaps the reason you’ve opted to hire a motivational speaker is to get a particular message across, or to provide your team with ongoing encouragement. By hiring motivational humorous speaker, you will ensure that your message is retained longer and makes a lasting impact on your audience. After all, people will want to remember feeling positive and humorous about a situation – you can capitalize on this by hiring someone with a sense of humor to spread your message rather than rely on clinical tones alone.

Motivational Speakers Need To Connect With The Crowd

Humor is one of the best ways for people to connect with one another – whether it be management and employees or a speaker and his or her audience. By hiring motivational humorous speakers, you can ensure that he or she will connect with the audience, which in turn guarantees that your message will be heard. Speakers who lack that intrinsic connection with an audience will not be able to reach as many people with the same kind of accuracy.

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