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Why Assisted Living is Better For Seniors With Alzheimer’s in East Hanover

When you have a parent with Alzheimer’s disease, the first inclination is to try to care for them at home. While this entirely possible in the beginning, the disease will advance and you’ll find that your parent needs more care than you can give. Fortunately, assisted living facilities that offer Alzheimers care in East Hanover, NJ, provide the most cost-effective solutions to this situation.

Constant Care at a Reasonable Price

If you have a large family and everyone volunteers to contribute time towards the care of your parent, you may still be able to meet your parent’s needs in your own home. Otherwise, you can hire a home care aide, but you’ll find that this option can become incredibly expensive when you need an aide present 24 hours a day. The best option is a fully staffed assisted living facility that’s equipped to care for adults with Alzheimer’s disease.

Activities That Slow the Decline

Another reason to consider an assisted living situation is that the staff has the time to create activities for seniors that will slow cognitive decline. Research has found that puzzles, games, and physical activities help protect cognitive functioning in adults, so caregivers in an assisted living facility will schedule such activities on a daily basis. Additionally, the socializing that residents do with one another will help strengthen memory, concentration, and recognition.

Specialized Care Meets Your Parent’s Needs

Professional Alzheimers care in East Hanover, NJ, requires specialized training and a patient demeanor. Caregivers in an assisted living facility are trained to deal with Alzheimer’s patients who suddenly become frustrated or confused. They know how to diffuse this type of situation so the resident can be calmed and soothed.

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