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Why Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance in Haines City FL Is So Important

People tend to think that a central air conditioner delivers cold air on demand, but technically, it’s actually removing heat from air. That’s the process of cooling in both air conditioning and refrigeration. Qualified technicians should be called to perform Air Conditioning Maintenance in Haines City FL each year to keep the system running at top efficiency and to prevent breakdowns.

Dealing With a Warm Climate

In this part of the country, concerns about the function of central air conditioning can develop at any time of year. Unlike states much further north, area residents might run the central air on some excessively warm days in the middle of winter.

Cleaning and Mold Removal

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Haines City FL includes tasks like cleaning the condenser coils and other parts of the system. When homeowners have not scheduled maintenance in a few years, the technician might have to apply and remove cleaning solutions twice. If mold has begun to grow on the coils, a special biocide is applied to kill the organism. Mold does not grow on clean coils, but it can take hold whenever moist dirt, leaves, pine cones or other materials are present.

Keeping the Unit Ventilated

This type of maintenance can keep the system running with better efficiency and less sound from the motor and fan in the condensing unit. Air conditioning units are placed close to the home, and they can be noticeably noisy. The unit also gives off a great deal of heat while running, so it’s important to keep the area free of plants and other materials that can block adequate ventilation. Otherwise, overheating can vastly reduce efficiency, lead to a breakdown, and decrease the longevity of the equipment.

Staying Cool

Area residents can count on staying cool during hot days when they schedule annual maintenance with a contractor such as Price Busters Air. As the equipment gets older, eventually it is likely to need repair work outside of that yearly tuneup. Technicians from the same company will provide that service as well. They also are happy to answer any questions customers have about their heating and cooling system.

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