White Kitchen Shaker Doors Create a Clean, Stylish, Modern Look

Homeowners love white kitchen Shaker doors because the simple look forms a perfect backdrop for any modern kitchen.

Both natural stone countertops and wood floors stand out and blend beautifully with white kitchen shaker doors. Natural stone countertops and flooring are trending, and designers love neutral color schemes. This makes white Shaker cabinets perfect for any stylish kitchen.

White shaker kitchen cabinet doors also blend beautifully with natural wood and vibrant colors. White kitchen cabinets never go out of style. This means you won’t need to update your cabinet doors until they wear out.

Also, white Shaker cabinets reflect light, adding brightness and light to a dark kitchen. This also makes the kitchen look bigger. Best of all, the hard, smooth finish makes white kitchen cabinet doors easy to clean. In fact, the smooth, hard white finish is easier to keep clean than natural wood.

Best of all, it’s easy to do yourself, since you can order white Shaker cabinet doors online. You won’t need to hire a contractor or tear up your kitchen for weeks. On a single weekend, you can paint the sides of your cabinets white, and replace the doors with a screwdriver. If you’d rather not paint the sides of your cabinets, you can leave the natural wood frames. By coordinating the rest of the kitchen in tones complimenting the wood, the white doors will look great. This is especially true if your kitchen has wood floors.

Visit the Intenzi to order custom white Shaker cabinet doors.

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