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Where To Get The Best Outcome Management In California

Are you a businessperson and need software to help your agency or organization get success-focused care for mental health, behavioral health, and social services? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about this software and its benefits.

Helps You Know Your Return On Assessment

Their software (P-CIS) is the world’s first outcomes management designed to measure assessment reaction over time to transform health assessments into actionable treatment care plans efficiently. The assessment reactions are efficiently and effectively converted into outcome measures to support health results management and outcome research and examination. The software is ideal for mental health, social welfare, juvenile justice, school administration and behavioral change.

Incorporates with Any EHR

The software (P-CIS) connects to any EHR to help your agency streamline assessment collection and outcomes reporting for your customers. Partners across care systems to remove double-entry, working effortlessly to capture all assessment types from a single unified platform. It converts assessments into care plans and results and tracks patterns in populations. It effortlessly incorporates without having to modify your existing procedure for data entry.

Call for More Details

If you’re interested in the best healthcare quality measurement tools outcome management in california, please feel free to contact opeeka today. Their proprietary outcomes management software helps you build a better healthcare structure and offer your customers care that evidences measurable outcomes. For more information follow us on Facebook.

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