Where Should You Get Glass Curtain Wall Systems in Lorton, VA

Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Have you thought about getting glass curtain wall systems? These walls can handle 1″ insulated glass, 9/16″ laminated glass, or 5/16″ laminated glass. They are also impact resistant, so they can withstand the weather in harsh places. The windows have been rated by the ASTM and Florida Building Code, and they are up to standard.

Curtain Wall System PW251

This model is 2-1/2″ by 7″, and it includes a screw-spline assembly. Users can put it on low-rise or multi-story buildings and get a satisfactory performance. The profiles snap together, and they use an integral joinery technique. As a result, the frames can be shipped in pre-assembled panels. These pre-assembled panels are easier to use and quicker to install.

If you want to use a two-sided silicone structural glaze, that is an option. Plus, users can select depths of up to 10″ on the profiles, so there is much room to customize. The PW256 and PW257 have all the same benefits as the PW251, but they added more strength. Therefore, these windows are hurricane-resistant, even if they cover the whole wall.

Office Partition Systems

Sometimes, a little glass curtain wall system is all you need to create a sense of privacy. This company has a patented glass partition system in any office setting. When the glass doors are closed, you may not hear what is going on outside, but you can still see. It can be an open and inviting way to divide up space at the office. ll Systems

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