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When You Should See and Orthodontist

Orthodontics is a specialty in the field of dentistry. If you have an imperfect bite, you can visit an orthodontist in Long Island who can help you through the process of correcting your misaligned teeth. Many people have sought out a treatment known as Invisalign to help with hygienic and cosmetic issues. People who have crooked, gapped, or spaces in between their teeth are often very self-conscious about their smile and they want to get help to improve it. That is where the orthodontist comes in. Orthodontic treatments are beneficial for anyone at any age; however, it is a common misconception that it is for children only.

What to Expect

During the course of an orthodontic treatment the movement of teeth and be assessed according to what the existing teeth are doing. This movement is studied several times, and it is a slow and steady progression. The time frame is from 18 months to several years and is determined by the patient’s age and condition of health. Before you can begin any treatment, you will have to complete a consultation with an orthodontist in Long Island. A consultation involves closely checking on the smile, review of your medical and dental history, and an examination physically. To aid in the diagnosis, they will take impressions of your teeth, along with photographs and x-rays.

Cosmetic Changes

If a patient is self conscious about their crooked teeth, there are cosmetic benefits that an orthodontist can offer to help them get a perfect set of teeth. They will also ensure that any gaps or spaces are taken care of. Gum disease can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning teeth.

For patients with protruding teeth that are involved in sports or activities it is essential to have this corrected. When the stress that is placed on the jaw joints is reduced, realignment of the teeth can improve your facial appearance. After the jaw and teeth are properly aligned, regular dental treatments are very smooth and easy. It will also help to improve your speech. Whether the treatment includes traditional braces, metallic braces, or invisible braces it is individualized based on the patient’s dental needs. This treatment will help with crooked, misshapen, or crowded teeth. The costs of treatment vary as does the range of styles available.

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