When You Need Professional Bed Bug Control in Columbia Maryland

Bed bugs are tiny, spend most of their time barely moving and are difficult to spot. By the time you see bed bugs moving around, this means your infestation is very bad. Bed bug infestations cannot be killed by over the counter bug sprays or total release foggers (“bug bombs”). They can only be eliminated by professional pest management companies. Here are some signs that you need professional Bed Bug Control in Columbia Maryland.

Strange Stains

Check the edges and seams of your bed boards, mattresses, couches or other upholstered furniture. Are they covered in dark spots? These dark spots are bed bug excrement. Since they feed on blood, their excrement will resemble spots of dried blood. These spots may be accompanied by a strange musty odor. This will only get worse over time if nothing is done. Eventually dark stains will appear on the sheets, pillows or cushions.

Presence of Adult Bed Bugs

If you have found dark spots, check these areas closely for adult bed bugs. They may or may not be moving. Bed bugs ends to sleep during days and become active at night. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They’re tiny, oval, have six legs and nearly flat. They are usually brown in color but may become pale if they have not fed for a while. Adults that have recently fed may be darker and thicker than hungry adults.

Presence of Bed Bug Eggs

Get a magnifying lens in order to look for bed bug eggs, which are a mere one millimeter long. They resemble grains of dried rice. They may be white, pale grey or pale yellow.

Waking Up with Bed Bug Bites

The moment a bed bug bites you is painless. This is how you can be bitten and still sleep through the event. However, the bite does not remain painless. It can become red and itchy. Since bed bug bites closely resemble other insect bites, they can be difficult to identify. As an infestation becomes larger, bed bug bites become more frequent. You may one night receive so many bites that they wake you up.

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