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When You Need Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Fairfax

Whether you have just bought a brand new home in Fairfax, you should probably step away from the computer right now and go have a look at your home’s basement or crawlspace. Go and ahead – we’ll wait here.

Hey! You’re back – what did you notice in your crawlspace or basement? Did you notice any of the following?

*     Mold or mildew
*     Musty smells
*     Standing water or dampness on the floor
*     Exposed wood is rotting
*     Cracks, water stains, concrete “sweating,” honeycombing, and dampness in concrete

Any of the above can mean that you have a problem. Your solutions can come in the form of sump pumps to remove water from its natural gathering area at the lowest point of your basement. You have a crawlspace, you can contract for a crawl space encapsulation from Apex Water Proofing Inc. to keep everything high and dry.

The problems of the house vs. water here in Fairfax are not really anyone’s fault. We have a clay-heavy soil that drains poorly, a humid but gorgeous climate, and a lot of rainfall. When that soil is dry, it’s almost as hard as pavement, but when there’s a lot of rain, that’s when the problems start. Sometimes new construction in the neighbourhood or even a change in your neighbor’s landscaping can change the way that water drains from your property. Water likes to get into wherever it can, and when the ground is saturated, it’s going to try moving into your basement or crawlspace because of hydrostatic pressure.

Protecting your investment in your home means getting proactive and calling Apex Water Proofing Inc. for a home inspection today! Call us today! 1-703-910-7940 will get you an appointment and a FREE estimate available!!

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