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When Tooth Extractions In Mount Vernon IL Are Necessary

Dentists typically try as hard as they can possibly try to keep all of their patient’s teeth in their mouth, knowing that good healthy teeth are an important facet of health and self-esteem. However, there are some circumstances where teeth have to be removed. Sometimes this is fairly obvious but other times the tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL might come after a lot of other attempts have been made to save the tooth but there is just no way to do so.

A lot of times, severe cavities and infection lead to extractions eventually. This is one of those times when initial attempts to save the tooth might continue to fail and eventually it is just easier and cheaper to remove the tooth completely. This is especially true if the tooth is a “baby tooth” and another one will grow in its place. If it is a permanent tooth, it is likely more attempts will be made to try to save it.

Sometimes tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL are done because the teeth are not necessary. Some people have too many teeth in their mouth. There are even some cases where baby teeth do not fall out on their own but have to be manually extracted before the permanent teeth can start to grow in. This could also be considered the case with “wisdom” teeth or the third molar. Oftentimes, there is not enough room in the mouth for that third set of molars so they grow funny or they push the other teeth around and they are removed. It used to be fairly standard procedure to remove those teeth no matter what but now guidelines usually suggest waiting until they actually cause a problem because unnecessary extractions were sometimes causing serious damage to patients.

Sometimes for medical reasons tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL occur. This is particularly true if there is some type of oral cancer and radiation is necessary. If the teeth get in the way, they are sometimes removed. This is obviously a life or death situation. Of course, if the teeth get broken and there is no way to reconstruct or restore them, then they are removed so an implant can be put in their place.

If you need to have Tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL, then it is a wise idea to go to someone who has a lot of experience. A dentist might offer, but you should check to see if you can actually have an oral surgeon do the procedure. They might be able to do the tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL with less trauma, less pain, and better results.

If you need tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL, visit Dr. Jay Swanson and The Center for Jaw and Facial Surgery for all your relative dental services.

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