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When To Request TIG Welding: A Quick Guide For Cleveland OEMs

One of the benefits of outsourcing welding services to another company is the ability to rely on the experience of a specialized company. There are many different options in welding that can be used on parts and components, and knowing a bit about the basics of the different welding options is always a benefit to a Cleveland OEM.

As a general statement, industrial TIG welding offers a good welding method for a wide range of different types of metals and alloys, making it an excellent choice for Cleveland part fabrication processes. This includes the ability to use the TIG welder for aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and even for exotic metals. The durability of the weld is effective with these different metals, but the experience of the welder in controlling the process is also a critical factor.

The Basics of the Process

TIG stands or tungsten inert gas, but it may also be known as gas tungsten arc welding or GTAW. Unlike other types of welding, the tungsten electrode is not consumed in the process.

The weld is formed by a constant-current supply to the tungsten electrode. This current is then passed through a welding arc to the surface. The welder applies a filler metal by hand, which allows for precise control of the process. During the TIG welding process, the welder can control the size of the molten puddle by simply increasing the current or reducing the current, all controlled with a foot pedal that connects to the power supply.

The area around where the weld occurs, including the molten puddle produced by the current, is protected by an inert gas, which is usually argon. This protection means there is no need to use flux in TIG welding. This also helps in producing extremely fine welds that are ideal for areas in any type of part or component where the weld is visible.

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