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When to Hire Professionals for Water Heater in Gig Harbor, WA

A water heater is one of the most expensive elements of a residential plumbing system. Thus, it is important to get regular maintenance to keep it functioning optionally as long as possible. Water heaters are sturdy appliances, but they may have problems from time to time. When a water heater develops problems, the appliance should be repaired by a professional as soon as possible. Here are some of the symptoms that a Water Heater in Gig Harbor WA is in trouble.

Leaking Water

If a water heater is leaking, contact a licensed plumber immediately. It can be a sign of impending failure. Ignoring this warning sign could mean not only paying a lot of money to repair water damage to the flooring but having to replace the water heater. The 30 or 50 gallons of water stored in a water heater may not sound like all that much until it floods a home.

If the water tank is leaking, it could just mean that a specific part needs to be repaired or the entire tank needs to be replaced. A skilled plumber can accurately assess the issue and recommend the best and most cost-effective option.

Unusual Noises

Another sign that a water heater is failing are noises from the tank. These noises are due to the buildup of sediments inside the tank. Sediments can create wear and cause issues such as inefficiency and accelerated damage. If a water heater is making unusual noises, call a licensed plumber to evaluate the issue and determine whether to replace or repair the unit.

Age of Your Water Heater

It is vital to know the age of a water heater so you can know when it is time to replace it. If a water heater is older than ten years, replacing the unit is recommended even if it has not begun to experience problems. As the water heater ages, it loses its efficiency and becomes prone to failure.

These are just some of the key signs it is time to hire professionals for Water Heater in Gig Harbor WA. For more information about water heaters and how to contact a professional for repairs, visit Website Domain.

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