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When to Call a Plumber for Water Main Repair

Water main repair is not your average do-it-yourself job. Repairing water mains is a time-consuming and complicated job that is best left up to the professionals. It’s extremely important not to disrupt other types of utility lines as you repair the main line, as this can lead to more damage. If you’re in need of water main repair, Alexandria, VA plumbing experts are the ones to trust to take on such projects. Consider these tips on when to call a plumber.

Know Your Pipes

Knowing a little about your plumbing system can help make spotting problems easier. Old pipes are more likely to leak over time, especially if they have been repaired or patched over the years. If the plumbing system has had its share of wear and tear, it may be time to contact a plumber to replace the old pipes with new. Have your old plumbing system inspected and replace outdated pipes, as this is the most cost-effective and safest solution for homeowners.

Read Your Bills

Have you noticed any changes in your water bill? A slow leak in a water main can go undetected for months. Monitoring your family’s water usage can help determine if the water loss is coming from a plumbing leak or somewhere else. If you suspect that you may have a leak in your water main, contact your plumber Alexandria, VA to inspect your property for signs of leaking water.

Inspect Your Yard

Your home’s main water line enters your home from the outdoors. This means that a leak will most likely be in your own backyard. Water may come to the surface of the ground where it will form puddles of mud or water in your yard. If you notice water pooling in your yard or spongy, wet grass that is not related to rainfall, this could indicate a leak in your water main.

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