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When to Bring in a Sales and Marketing Motivational Speaker

The people in charge of planning professional development programs and events for their companies have a very difficult job. It is challenging to balance the budget for the event, deal with trying to find topics that interests everyone attending, and finding a message that resonates with all levels of employees and management.

Benefits of Motivational Speakers

One of the most effective types of professionals to bring into these events is a sales and marketing motivational speaker. These professionals can inspire and motivate teams, individuals, and managers to strive for their goals and to work together to overcome any challenges the business may face.

However, simply waiting for one event a year to bring in sales and marketing motivational speaker can be a mistake. In fact, there are specific times throughout the year you should consider this option.

New Focus

When companies are making a pivot, planning a new product or service launch, or rebranding a product or service, motivating the sales and marketing team offers a great way to start off the event. Building momentum early in the campaign can lead to positive results, sustained effort and added revenue.

Addressing a Need

When sales or marketing efforts are not meeting objectives, bringing in a sales and marketing motivational speaker as quickly as possible can help turn things around. Providing support, encouragement, and motivation builds the sales and marketing team’s confidence levels, creating positive forward momentum.

As a highly experienced and recognized sales and marketing motivational speaker, Doug Dvorak offers customized presentations to groups of all sizes. To find out more, see us at DougDvorak.com.

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