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When Termites Show Up in Your Orlando Home

Termites are more than just a nuisance. Termites can do incredible damage in a short amount of time, reducing the value of your house to sawdust. The only way to combat an invasion of termites is to identify them early and call in professional exterminators right away. The longer termites live in your home, the worse things will get, so you’re better off checking now and figuring out what to do rather than ignoring the problem and letting it get much worse.

How to Identify Termites

In most Orlando homes, identifying termites isn’t going to be too hard. The first thing to remember is that termites eat wood. That’s why they’re such a problem, but it also helps you to know where to look at what to look for. There are a few different species that we have here in Orlando, but they all have one thing in common.

Termites cause structural damage to the wood parts of your home, but they also go right through plaster and metal siding, and then they’ll feast on your carpets, wooden furniture, floors, and ceilings. The degree of damage will be invisible until you get inside the wood, but some signs include buckling wood, swollen ceilings or floors similar to water damage, and the sawdust-like droppings that are left behind. If you find little piles of sawdust-like dust, don’t wait to call a termite specialist to come out at look.

Termites themselves have a pretty specific look and they’re big enough to identify fairly easily if you catch one. Usually they are long-ish, ant-like bugs with one huge pincer for a mouth. Once a year they pupate and grow wings, and you can see them flying up out of the ground in swarms.

What to Do if You Think You’re Being Silently Attacked by Termites

Do not attempt to take apart your walls, furniture, or siding yourself. Termite damage can be incredibly severe, even before you notice that anything is wrong. If the damage is thorough enough, you may be looking at structural damage and compromised strength of your home. In that case, you are better off leaving the exploration to experts who can determine the extent of the damage without causing more damage.

In any case, you’re always better off checking to see if you have termites. In Orlando, it makes sense to call in a termite specialist even if you don’t think you have a problem. Once a year, you can have someone who knows what to look for do a once-over on your home to make sure that there’s no termite nest being built between your walls.



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