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When Should You Change Your Oil

Most people have heard the standard mantra, “You should change the oil in your car every three months or 3,000 miles.” While there is really no such thing as changing your oil too often, there is also no point to changing it more than it is needed. Advances in both automotive and oil technology have altered the recommendations for getting an oil change in Tempe. Most modern car manufacturers today recommend oil changes in increments of every 5,000 to 7,000 miles with some being as long as every 10,000 miles. The variation can be based upon specific car makes and models, driving conditions and the type of oil used.

Driving conditions likely makes the biggest impact on the recommended frequency for an oil change in Tempe. This includes a few factors and it is helpful to understand what constitutes mild, moderate or severe driving conditions. “Normal” or “average driving conditions for a single trip are typically classified as a minimum of 20 minutes at a moderate speed and throttle in clean air and mild temperatures.

There are many factors that take the average driving condition and change it to severe including: repetitive driving of short distances or at low speeds, extended idling or use of brakes (if you live in a hilly area, consider this), driving for a long time in either extreme cold, humidity or heavy city traffic in temperatures above 90 degrees, dusty or sandy conditions, extensive driving on roads with salt or other such corrosive materials, rough or muddy terrain and driving in heavily mountainous areas. All of these factors make your car engine work much harder and therefore the overall load on the oil is greater. If you fall into any of these categories, you should considering having an oil change Tempe more frequently than the average recommendation, which is always given for “normal” driving conditions.

Synthetic oils have become popular among car manufacturers, especially for higher performance car models. Their design offers greater protection from friction in the engine and extreme temperatures outside. Despite this increased performance, you should still consider the driving conditions your primary method for determining when to change the oil in your car. Even synthetic oils break down and wear out, just like any conventional oil does.

When getting an oil change in Tempe, you should also make sure that your oil filter is clean and changed regularly, although it does not need changing as often. The combination of clean oil and a clean filter is a great way to protect your car engine and, when in doubt about timing—go ahead and do it. You really cannot change it too often.

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